WP7 Dissemination of project results

The results on implementation of the MCSP within the participating countries,  in Europe, and worldwide will be disseminated in this work package. Close relations with all work packages will need to be established to ensure that important developments and results are communicated to a wider audience. Another aim of this work pack is to keep track of countries and organizations that are interested in implementation of the MCSP in their own country.

WP Leader: VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands


Finished deliverables:

D7.1 Dissemination Plan for national and international dissemination

D7.1 Dissemination plan MCSP


D7.3 Scientific publications
Papers are available from the author upon request, please send an e-mail to meetingdem.eu@gmail.com.
Mazurek, J., Szcześniak, D., Urbańska, K., Dröes, R.M. & Rymaszewska, J. (2017). Met and unmet care needs of the elderly with dementia living at home: Personal and informal carers’ perspectives. Dementia, DOI: 10.1177/1471301217733233
Dröes, R. M., Meiland, F. J. M., Evans, S., Brooker, D., Farina, E., Szcześniak, D., … & Chattat, R. (2017). Comparison of the adaptive implementation and evaluation of the Meeting Centers Support Program for people with dementia and their family carers in Europe; study protocol of the MEETINGDEM project. BMC geriatrics, 17(1), 79.

Dröes, R. M. (2017). MEETINGDEM; Implementation and Validation of the Meeting Centres Support Programme in Europe. IPA Bulletin, 34(2).






D7.4 Guide and toolkit for successful implementation of MCSP

For information about the guide in Polish, you may contact the Polish MeetingDem team through their website.


D7.6 National dissemination event

MeetingDem symposium on 19 January in Milan, Italy

MeetingDem symposium on 27 & 28 February in Wroclaw, Poland

MeetingDem symposium on 21 March in Worcester, UK