Honourable prize for photo of activity in Meeting Center Milan!

During the XXI National Congress of the FederAVO (Federation of Hospital Volunteers Associations with 240 local offices in Italy), the AVO in Milan has won the prize for the best photo illustrating the volunteers’ activity!

This photo was made by Osvaldo Airaghi who is volunteer in the Meeting Centre “Centro d’Incontro”. His photo is entitled “Light and Colors over the shadow of broken memory”, and its’ description is: “AVO, with his volunteers, is not only present in the wards of hospitals, but also in other communities. One of these is a group of patients with memory problems in a Meeting Center: this is part of an international project aimed at supporting persons with Alzheimer and their family carers. The role of volunteers is to welcome the persons living with dementia when they arrive in the facility that hosts the group. To support the staff in the activities the offer, which can be: playful, artistic, various psychomotor and cognitive exercises. Their joy is our reward. Their sadness is the reason to perform our task.”

Congratulations to Osvaldo, all volunteers, staff and participants of the “Centro d’Incontro”!